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We want our kids to wear cute clothes, that’s a given. But what about their underclothes? Why can’t they be cute, too? EnterDOTT, a New York-based children’s underwear line, founded by a husband-and-wife team in May of this year. With a passion for design, style, and comfort, the duo creates adorable skivvies for boys and girls, in cute prints, made of soft cotton and spandex, that fit really well.

“I have this thing with good underwear for my kids,” one of the designers tells us. “I don’t go crazy with their clothes as much as with their basics. You know when panties hang like a mile away from their little tushies? It just bothers me. Or when underwear wash and become short and wide? That bothers me, as well. We have also dealt with itchy labels and wedgies, which are no good, and so my husband and I set out to make the perfect set of underwear that would solve all of my problems, hence DOTT was born.”

The line is simple and bares prints made up of stripes and dots (of course), and is so adorable that you may want to skip the clothes all together and let them run around in their undies. Originally, the designers wanted the line to be completely basic and sold as separates, but with a graphic and fashion design background, the design sketches evolved and became “too awesome just to be basic.” That’s when the idea to sell the products in 8-piece sets was born. DOTT also offers baby onesies with the same sentiments in mind.

What’s up and coming for DOTT? “We’ve only just begun, but have been getting great feedback from our retailers and customers,” the designers tell us. “We do have great things in mind for DOTT’s future, so stay tuned.”

You can purchase DOTT’s undergoods on its website.

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