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Undergarments play an important role in a child’s wardrobe. They provide an extra layer of warmth in winter and assist in cooling them down in summer, whilst ensuring comfort through the day. The smart dresser never overlooks this staple and will look for these essentials in natural fibres. Welcome DOTT Child.

Based in New York, DOTT Child  is the brainchild of a husband and wife team who launched the label earlier this year. Both boys and girls singlets and underwear are made from a super soft cotton and spandex blends which allows it to breath, fit well and not lose its shape even after repeated washing and wearing.

You’ll find no licensed characters on the DOTT Child collection as we adopting a minimalist design look across the range that is all about….dots! The DOTT children’s underwear collection is packaged in delightful DOTT branded bags of ultra comfy and ultra cool undies for your very own DOTT child.

With a passion for design, style, and comfort, we create adorable children’s underwear for boys and girls, in cute prints, made of soft cotton and spandex, that fit really well.

DOTT makes the softest children’s underwear you will ever come to know. It’s no wonder we’ve have earned “the only pair they will wear” label. We’ve made these garments so that children like wearing them, and their parents can’t help but love the way they look!


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